Qualification criteria

ASPIRE will provide financial assistance to individuals to support full or part-time study primarily for recognised professional qualifications in the field of logistics, the supply chain and transport, provided by the CILT [CILT and/or CILT (UK) ] or recognized and other approved Awarding bodies recognised by CILT. It is not envisaged that help can be given to academic courses at this time. All applications for awards will be judged by an Awards Panel whose decision will be final and may not be appealed. Recognised qualifications are all those accredited by CILT, although others in the field offered by other professional institutes may be considered at the discretion of the Awards Panel. A condition of awards being made is that beneficiaries must be or must become members of their national CILT organisation.

The financial assistance will be principally in the area of course fees and/or the purchase of text books and distance learning materials, although in proven cases of hardship, and at the discretion of the Awards Panel, help may be provided with travel and subsistence costs related to participation in approved courses, but this would be judged on a case by case basis and limited only in the country of residence.

Awards will only be made to applicants where there is no opportunity to obtain funds from other sources – hence ASPIRE awards will not be made if a loan or grant has already been made or is obtainable through the other channels normally available to students.

ASPIRE will not fund research projects or academic degrees.

The Awards Committee, consisting of industry wide representatives and members of CILT, will base its judgment on the extent to which applications meet either or both of the following general criteria. To be successful applications must match at least one of these criteria.

  • Bona fide education and training programmes in the field of logistics, transport and supply chain management: comprehensive and relevant in nature and should contribute to the development of improved practices in the field.
  • Skills development in the field of logistics, transport and supply chain management and/or involve working with younger people, educational establishments and developing countries to promote careers in logistics and better logistical practice.

The following general principles will be applied in respect of allocation of funds:

  • Applications will not be supported which would normally be met from the core costs of organisations.
  • Applications in support of political parties, political lobbying or commercial interest will not be considered.
  • Grants will only be paid to accredited education centres subject to their agreement to the terms and conditions made by ASPIRE to ensure the proper use of funds. Grants will generally be paid at the commencement of the project or educational programme and when any relevant conditions on the grant have been met. Grants for individuals’ academic course fees will be paid directly to the educational institution concerned on confirmation a place has been offered and an official invoice has been received.
  • Aspire encourages and may give priority to applications that include funding from other sources, involve partnership or co-operation between organisations and/or are sustainable and provide a long-term legacy.
  • Activities supported by Aspire normally need to be commenced within twelve months of the grant being approved.
  • Written requests for extensions or variations will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

In all instances the decision of the Awards Committee will be final.


Terms & Conditions