Willing to help… some ideas to help you get started………

Regular Sacrifice Days

  • Give up something and put the money usually spent in the collection, ie cost of lunch, coffee, pint of beer, newspaper, cakes on your birthday etc

Theme Days

  • Pay a fine – swear box, worst dressed, commonly used phrases, lateness, mobile phone ringing etc
  • Make a donation – dress down day, wear a prescribed colour, wear a silly wig, sports shirt, slippers etc


  • Pub quiz night
  • Horse racing night
  • Cheese & wine tasting
  • Networking lunch with speaker
  • Dinner with speaker or entertainment
  • Summer BBQ
  • Golf day
  • Competition – darts, pool, 5 aside football, ping pong etc
  • Car wash
  • Talent show or pop mime competition
  • Karaoke night
  • Fashion show
  • Ask the Expert -cooking, gardening, personal finance etc
  • “Drench Evening ” people pay to have a nominated person drenched

Sell Something

  • Raffle
  • Auction
  • Run sporting sweepstakes
  • Make a product
  • Offer a service
  • Advertising on a product

Sponsorship Events

  • Pass the parcel using various modes of transport and handled by a variety of companies and organisations between 2 points in a specified time period
  • Jailbreaks maximum distance using “free “ modes of transport
  • Ransom demands a person or object is held to ransom until the require level of fund is received
  • Travel around the UK from a gym by riding a bike, rowing a river, climbing a mountain on a step machine, walking a route
  • Traditional challenges 3 Peaks, Coast to Coast bike ride, London Marathon etc
  • Silence days

Do Something Seasonal

  • Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Saints Day, Xmas, New Years, Other Religious Days
  • Sell a product, calendar, keepsake, confectionary
  • Eating competitions ie Cadburys crème eggs
  • Dress as a Santa
  • Ask friends and family to donate to “Aspire Just Giving “ instead of a present
  • Run an event Cheltenham Gold Cup sweepstake for St Patricks Day